Sunday, 26 June 2022
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    Catholic schools reject fast cash

    The Queensland Catholic Education Commission’s executive ­director, Lee-Anne Perry, said she was grateful for the proposal but said the state’s Catholic schools had already budgeted for the scheduled July funding payment, The Australian reports.

    “Schools will continue to operate in accordance with the advice of the state health authorities, with the wellbeing and safety of our ­students and staff as our highest priority,” Dr Perry said.

    “For now, Catholic schools remain open to the children of essential workers and vulnerable students, while also providing high-quality learning-at-home support and resources for all other Catholic school students.”

    Queensland’s Education Minister Grace Grace yesterday labelled the funding offer as “grossly unfair and irresponsible” and warned the Commonwealth to stop interfering in the states’ business.

    Ms Grace said she was blindsided by federal Education Minister Dan Tehan’s offer to expedite funding for non-government schools that return to 50 per cent classroom teaching by the end of May.

    “They do not run one school in the country … and I think it’s really unfair to link any bringing forward of funding to the opening of schools during a world health pandemic,” she said.

    “We’re all trying to do the best we can under the medical advice. And under the various scenarios states are in with their COVID-19 number of cases, to somehow tie the assistance in funding to some arbitrary date or number of students attending the school is grossly unfair and irresponsible, and basically ignores the un­precedented times we’re in.”

    Ms Grace said Mr Tehan did not work collaboratively with the states and did not give prior warning about his offer to independent schools.


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    Queensland Catholic Education Commission