Wednesday, 29 June 2022

    Eat nutritiously

    The Coronavirus (COVID 19) Pandemic has caused a lot of changes to our daily work and social lives. One thing that has kept constant is the importance of a well-balanced, nutritious diet for all ages.

    To assist our members from different sectors, Procurement Australasia’s Foodservice Ambassador, Dr Karen Abbey, will be sharing tips, recipes and developments in the food services industry. Watch this space for regular updates!

    Health/Aged Care sector:

    Easy evening meal preparation (one pot)- Apricot Moroccan Chicken

    The evening meals at aged care homes need to be enjoyable and easy to prepare. As staffing levels decrease on the evening shift, quick and simple
    meal ideas are important. Simple one pot recipes served with rice make a for a nourishing meal and saves time on washing up as a bonus.

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    Education sector:
    What do school children need for good health?

    For children to learn at school they need to be well nourished. There are several key daily food aspects which are required to support the developing mind and body. These include regular meals, a good start breakfast, appropriate nutrient rich snacks, water and exercise.

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    Featured Supplier:
    M&J Chickens

    Procurement Australasia partners with M&J Chickens to provide our Members with access to a large range of poultry products, from fresh to
    ready-made meals.

    From a single shop in 1982 to an operation spanning the nation, M&J Chickens is all about providing their customers, big and small, the very best in high-quality poultry products.

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    Assistance with Foodservices During the Pandemic- Volume 2 (Procurement Australasia)