Tuesday, 9 August 2022

    Targeted support to continue

    The Prime Minister has confirmed that post-JobKeeper, targeted support will be provided for hard-hit industries, including aviation and the entertainment industry, urging people not to “rush to conclusions,” My Business reports.

    Following the announced sacking of 6,000 Qantas employees, PM Scott Morrison has conceded that there are sectors of the economy that will continue to be affected much longer than many others.

    Addressing the media, Mr Morrison confirmed that the government will continue to tailor its fiscal support for these sectors.

    “As I assured, whether it be Qantas or those in the entertainment sector or the tourism, hospitality sector or regions like North Queensland, we get it, we understand that they are going to be hurting more for longer than other parts of the economy,” the PM said.

    Speaking on the same topic a few hours earlier, the PM told 2GB radio that it has always been the government’s view “that we’re going to have to provide targeted support in those areas.”

    He also revealed that the JobKeeper review has yet to hit his desk, noting that “we’ve been working hard on those issues together with all the budget ministers, and we’ll be able to make a decision soon”.

    “But what I’ve said to Alan Joyce and what I’ve said to everyone is we understand the need for further support,” Mr Morrison said.

    Asked whether he is worried about September, when a series of government measures are scheduled to end, the PM reiterated that the government is planning out its next steps.

    “I think people shouldn’t rush to conclusions about what the government is going to do post-September. We understand what’s going on out there,” the PM said.

    Mr Morrison also stressed that no announcements on a JobKeeper successor will be made before the third week of July.


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