Sunday, 21 April 2024
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    Foodservices supply partner Christmas meal ideas

    Church Resources and Foodservices Supply Partners have come together to provide you with some inspiration and meal ideas for Christmas. 

    Keep reading to find resources from our Supply Partners including Bidfood codes for ease of ordering. The countdown to Christmas begins!

    Supply Partners Featured:


    Supply Partner Resources:

    Vesco Foods – 7 Star Lasagnes View PDF Sara Lee – Waffles View PDF

    Trumps – Rocky Road View PDF Trumps – Mixed Lollies View PDF

    Trumps –  Biscuit Base View PDF Trumps – Cheese Cake View PDF

    Mrs Mac’s –  Special Batch View PDF Mrs Mac’s – Christmas View PDF

    Riviana – Xmas Pudding View PDF Ingham – Turkey Catalogue View PDF