Thursday, 30 November 2023
    EVs and renewables to halve energy demand

    EVs and renewables to halve energy demand

    Tesla says that global energy requirements will drop by 50 per cent with the transition to more efficient renewable energy, batteries and electric vehicles, The Driven reports.

    “Most people assume that an electrified civilisation requires the same or more energy than a fossil fuel economy. That is not true,” Tesla says in its newly released 2022 Impact report.

    “A sustainable energy economy is clean and far more efficient – requiring only half the primary energy of a fossil fuel economy.”

    The 224-page Impact report covers Tesla’s so-called Master Plan 3 – it’s path to low cost electric vehicles – plus its environmental and product impacts, people and culture, supply chain, and governance.

    The Impact Statement says that while the world currently uses 165 PWh per year in energy consumption, the transition to 100% clean technology will bring the total energy needed down to 84 PWh per year because of the massive energy waste associated with generating energy using fossil fuels.

    According to Tesla, a world powered by renewable energy only needs 51% of current energy generated by coal, oil and gas.


    Tesla says global energy demand will be cut in half by switch to EVs and renewables (The Driven)

    Tesla Impact Report


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