Four ways to save your organisation money on mobile bills

Published on May 04, 2023
Four ways to save your organisation money on mobile bills

In today’s 24/7 connected business climate, clear communication is key. To stay ahead, businesses have to stay connected. However, this connectivity comes at a price, and telecommunications bills can quickly rack up, especially if you’re not paying attention to it. We’ll explore four ways to help save your organisation money on your next lot of mobile and data bills.

#1 Review your current usage

Before you can improve your bills, you need to know where you're spending the most money, and where there's opportunity for improvement.

Conduct an audit on your mobile and data usage to determine where your business might be overspending. Analyse any patterns, such as features no one in the business is using, and identify areas where you can reduce your usage. Also, remember to look closely for any hidden fees and charges - they can pile up very quickly.

#2 Consolidate where possible

It's not uncommon for many businesses to use multiple telecommunications providers for different services. Unfortunately, this can lead to additional costs unnecessary complexity. 

Once you've reviewed your current service, what you're using and what can be removed from your plan, consider consolidating all your services with a single provider. This will simplify your invoicing processes and account management. Also, most providers will reward you for consolidating with them through bundling discounts or other attractive offers. 

#3 Negotiate your contract

Now that you're armed with the knowledge about your existing bills and a strategy for consolidation, it's time to address your future bills with your provider. If you've been a loyal customer for a while, chances are you're paying more than you need to. This is one possible jumping off point to start negotiations with your current provider for a better deal across your organisation.

While many providers are willing to work with customers to maintain positive relationships, some can be a bit more complicated in their pricing structures and contract obligations. Fortunately, there are expert negotiators you can rely on to take your bill pain and turn it into savings. 

#4 Engage an aggregator

If negotiating one-on-one with your current provider doesn’t yield positive results, it could be time to turn to an aggregator for a bit of extra muscle. Aggregators have the existing relationships and additional bargaining power of many members to negotiate better deals.

Reducing your mobile and data bills requires effort and attention to detail. While many procurement experts have these skills, aggregators can help to reduce the amount of time, effort and money you’re putting into researching, negotiating and optimising your mobile and data expenditure.

If you’re ready to stop paying too much for your mobile and data bills, Procurement Australia is standing by to help. We’re currently offering members free, no obligation audits of their mobile and data plans.

An audit is the first step in improving the bottom line of your mobile and data spend, while still keeping your organisation connected for success.


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Source: Procurement Australia Integrated Communications Team

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