Dementia as a Disability

Published on December 04, 2019
Dementia as a Disability

Did you know that Dementia is the leading cause of disability among Australians aged 65 years and over and it’s the second greatest cause of death overall. Not only that, the numbers of new dementia cases are on the rise and is predicted to grow by 318 people per day by 2025*. So, it isn’t surprising that there’s an increasing focus on how people view and treat this disease.

Procurement Australia partner, Winc is hosting a webinar where Kate Swaffer will discuss dementia as a disability, the impact of the Royal Commission and the escalating call for change.

Webinar Discussion Topics include:

  • Global overview (updates from 2018)
  • Dementia as the leading cause of disability
  • Aged Care Royal Commission
    • Elder Law
    • Incidence of Elder abuse and neglect in Australia
    • Dignity in aged and community care
    • Human rights
  • People with dementia and care partners are demanding change
  • Are you ready for change?

About the Speaker

Kate, the 2017 SA Australian of the Year, is the Chair, CEO and co founder of Dementia Alliance International, as well as a Board member of the Alzheimer’s Disease International and their SE Asia Regional Mentor. As an author and keynote presenter, Kate has also been the recipient of many awards for her work in dementia and disability rights.

Procurement Australia understands the significance of being proactive to deal with Dementia in aged-care and strives to support our members to be equipped with all the resources to tackle this disease.   

The Dementia as a Disability Webinar is scheduled on 12th December, 2019 (1.00pm – 2.00 pm AEDT).

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