Let us turn the page for all your library needs

Published on June 16, 2023
Let us turn the page for all your library needs

At Procurement Australia, we understand your library is as unique as the books inside; from school and university through to government libraries, our library contract provides you with the perfect solution for your organisation.

Our members have access to 56 accredited suppliers with 15 categories to choose from; from entire library management systems, furniture and shelving, we offer an extensive range of solutions in one convenient contract.

Talk to us today to see how our member-aggregated pricing can save you time, money and resources for your organisation.


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Procurement Australia's Library Contract

Procurement Australia’s Library Collections Contract is designed to streamline the entire library procurement process from product research through to digital solution advice. View the list of suppliers below.

Library Catdoc_EDM


Benefits of our Library Collections Contract

Our Library Collections Contract includes an extensive list of accredited and awarded suppliers offering the most accessible and competitively-priced goods, helping you save both time and money. The contract features:

              Library Buying Season value Prop 1 (1)            Library Busing Season 2023 value Prop 2

              Library Buying Season Value Prop 3            Library Buying season Value Prop 4


Source: Procurement Australia

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