Our shop is brimming with exclusive furniture offers for our members.

Published on November 01, 2022
Our shop is brimming with exclusive furniture offers for our members.

The Procurement Australia team has a new furniture offer, and we can't wait to share it with our valued members.

Our new furniture range with two new trusted suppliers means we can offer members high-quality furniture to suit all requirements direct to your door, all at the lowest possible price.

By combining a slick and expansive range alongside convenient flat pack solutions, we're ready to take care of all your furniture needs, no matter the size or specifics.

With direct access to our two suppliers' entire range, you can be sure you're getting the best price without the usual retail markup.


Access high-quality furniture for an outstanding aggregated member price!                                                                      B2B Furniture Images View the full range

Benefits of our new furniture range  


Members who order furniture direct through our shop can benefit from:

  • Single point access to a diverse and extensive range of furniture options and solutions
  • Tailored packages to suit all needs and spaces
  • Express next-day delivery direct to your door
  • Cheapest pricing on the market
  • Pay directly for all your furniture needs via one convenient invoice
  • Accessible options to accommodate building codes and specifications

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