Conference - Awards and Scholarship - Design Awards

Published on May 13, 2024
Conference - Awards and Scholarship - Design Awards


Procurement Australia has a mission of honouring exemplary achievements in procurement, recognising the pivotal role played by professionals in public, private, not-for-profit, educational, and NGO sectors.

Winning a Procurement Australia Award at our Annual Conference means a lot more than just receiving a trophy, it's an opportunity to gaining national recognition, enhancing your professional growth, expanding your network, and significantly boosting your organisation’s reputation.

If you know someone who is making a significant impact in the industry, or if you believe that person is you, don't hesitate to acknowledge and celebrate such talent.  

Our Sustainable Awards 

This year, the Awards & Scholarship Program will feature trophies created by a local team of designers and artisan makers. These awards are not only beautiful but also good for the planet.

Crafted from salvaged or sustainable timber and ethically sourced and produced by Design Awards, these trophies guarantee not only a win but also a positive impact on the environment.


Recognising Procurement Excellence - Nominate Today!

Do you know of an individual making a significant impact in the procurement industry? Do you want to nominate someone to receive one of our sustainable awards for their outstanding contributions?



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