Procurement Gateway for Not-For-Profits

Published on July 11, 2023
Procurement Gateway for Not-For-Profits

A large part of our mission at Procurement Australia is to make it easier for our members to do good work. 

This is especially true for our valued not-for-profit members. 

We work with hundreds of not-for-profit members who are all working to achieve ambitious goals. By working together, not-for-profit members can achieve more for themselves, those they serve, and the wider communities that rely on them. 

How? Through the power of collaborative contracts. 


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Working better together through collaborative contracts                

For not-for-profits, in particular, the needs list with procurement can quickly balloon. Price, probity, ethical, environmental and compliance concerns, not to mention rigorous due diligence checks, all need to be considered in record time with limited resources. 

This is where collaborative contracts can make a world of difference.

By consolidating resources, budgets and needs, collaborative procurement can alleviate the common pressures felt by all not-for-profits trying to do good with less. These contracts can help not-for-profits to:


Procurement Gateway for NFP

Members of Procurement Australia can make collaborative procurement start working for them immediately for no minimum spend through our FREE, easy-to-use portal – Procurement Gateway.


Benefits of Procurement Gateway for not-for-profits    

Procurement Gateway is our centralised online system here to streamline all your procurement tasks.

With Procurement Gateway on your team, there’s no need for a dedicated member to research, manage and consolidate your procurement tasks. Instead, not-for-profits members can:


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When you use our FREE Procurement Gateway portal, all the hard work is done for you, from supplier searching to risk mitigation.

We make compliance and collaboration safe and easy. 


We understand finding the time to triple-check each supplier isn’t an option in the not-for-profit world. When you find the ideal contract in Procurement Gateway, you can rest assured it’s passed our rigorous due diligence tests. 

Procurement Gateway provides a safe, reliable and compliant environment for all your procurement transactions, making audits and reporting easier than ever.


New to Procurement Gateway 

Not-for-profit members get FREE access to Procurement Gateway and our growing range of collaborative contracts. 

All you need to do is create or log in to your profile and start searching!


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