Revolutionising your everyday business purchases via the B2B shop

Published on September 25, 2019

In the modern era of millennials demanding user-friendly and convenient measures of shopping online, there is no doubt over organisations demanding a similar platform for business purchases. The Business-to-Business (B2B) shop does just that and more by combining decades of procurement experience of acquiring the best deals for our members with a user-friendly interface aimed at providing a one-stop-shop without a need for quotes.

The B2B shop strives to provide our members with an easy and secure way to acquire products from a tailored range of whitegoods, appliances and technology. Streamlining the purchasing process through one single channel will act as a real time saver for your organisation, assist in making the right choice for developing a productive and efficient workspace and delivering fit-for-purpose products for your clients.

With over 1100 products currently available online, we feel that the B2B shop represents an excellent way for our members to take advantage of our pre-negotiated savings in a simple shop. An array of benefits acts as the key to a seamless and convenient procurement experience via the B2B shop:

  • Ability to self-service and place quick orders
  • Ability to use a credit account rather than reconcile credit card payments and expense claims
  • Ability to generate quotes on the spot for approval internally
  • Savings across a broad range of products which is continually growing
  • Ability to modify the process to suit the members purchasing process
  • One-stop-shop for white goods and appliances – Furniture and Manchester coming soon

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