Corporate Travel

For Procurement Australia members who have a travel spend of more than $50K per annum, access our Travel services, delivering consistent value and greater efficiency across all your flight, car hire and accommodation expenditure.

Spend under $50K per annum? Book your own travel via our Self Booking Travel page.

Our Corporate Travel solutions deliver:



Save your valuable time and let Prcourement Australia work behind the scenes with FCM to source and negotiate the best fares and rates for airlines, accomodation and car hire


Procurement Australia helps your organisation gain efficiency with all your corporate travel procurement in one place and the simplicity of one invoice


Our travel specialists have high-level expertise in Corporate Travel, from simple trips to complex, multi-destination international itineraries


Have complete confidence in our 24/7 emergency assistant and gobal emergency alert system, including tracking processes for travellers


Access the latest travel technology and reporting

The partners that help us deliver this solution are:

singapore airlines

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