IT Accessories

Complete your IT purchases with compatible accessories and peripherals that help your staff get the best use from their new or existing devices.

  • Procurement Australia exclusively serves its members with the full spectrum of computer procurement services, including laptop and computer accessories. Buy all your computers, accessories and peripherals in one convenient place with Procurement Australia, and select the most appropriate products with helpful advice from our computer procurement specialists.
  • Choose from Procurement Australia’s wide range of leading accessory and peripheral brands for keyboards, cables, monitors, bags, cases and many more.
  • Whether you’re after budget-conscious or more feature-rich, high-end products, enjoy consistent savings with exclusive Procurement Australia Member pricing on all IT, computer and laptop accessories.

UVone Device Disinfection Station

Zero-touch, 360-degree disinfection for tablets, phones and mobile devices to a 5-log kill in just 30 seconds, reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

  • Touchless, Motion-Activated Door
  • Compatible with phones, tablets and many more devices
  • 99.9999% Bacteria Reduction
  • Rapid and Effective UV-C Technology disinfects to a 5-log kill in 30 seconds
  • Six Times Quicker Than Traditional Wipes
  • 10,000 Hours (1.2 million uses) of Bulb Life

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IT Accessories

Why buy with Procurement Australia?

If you’re a organisation looking for advice, support and great value on IT Accessories we can help:

  • If you are going to multiple suppliers for accessories, it can be very time-consuming. Why not save your time and let Procurement Australia’s experienced procurement and buying specialists research and recommend products tailored to your organisation and not for profits specific needs?
  • Our computer procurement and buying specialists are passionate about serving your organisation and the not for profit community and will go the extra mile to support your organisation’s procurement and buying processes.
  • Get the most mileage from your IT budget with very competitive, exclusive pricing thanks to the combined buying power of our growing community Procurement Australia Members.
  • Procurement Australia’s nation-wide coverage lets us support your computer accessory needs wherever you are in Australia, regardless of your organisation’s size or location.

Procurement Australia IT Accessories include:

·         Monitors
·         Keyboards & mice
·         Cables & adaptors
·         Bags & cases
·         Storage & security
·         Components
·         Stands
·         Printing
·         Portable storage & hard drives
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