ProcureRight – Procurement Australasia reinvents procurement program

Published on May 21, 2020
ProcureRight – Procurement Australasia reinvents procurement program


21 May 2020

Procurement Australasia is excited to announce the launch of its new members-only program, ProcureRight.

What makes the ProcureRight program unique is the fact it has upended the traditional procurement model. Instead of applying a ‘one size fits all’ model, ProcureRight focuses on the individual member contract.

This new approach addresses recurring problems that procurement departments have typically been forced to endure. No matter what the need, ProcureRight will provide advisory services to support internal decision making & improved governance.

Through the ProcureRight program, Procurement Australasia offers a true end-to-end solution that’s scalable and one that delivers value when and where it’s needed most.

Designed to be customisable, the ProcureRight program can adjust to suit individual member’s needs. Whether it be standard or highly specialised products, services or advisory consulting requirements across procurement and supply chain.

Procurement Australasia Sales Director Jason Mackenzie says: “The ProcureRight program is a natural fit alongside our other service offerings. We knew we had to do more to not only meet but exceed member expectations. ProcureRight will focus on providing every member with the value they’re looking for.

As collaborators, we work with our members to help get intricate projects over the line and even support an organisation’ s requirements that can assist in delivering a new supply chain that is entirely local. This is the beauty of the program. It is designed specifically to help our members. We can help them with everything, or just a couple of things.”

Joe Arena, CEO of Procurement Australasia, says: “We are excited to launch the ProcureRight program. We think it’s an ideal offer for both our current and future members. We are known for being collaborative, strategic and proactive in our approach. This is precisely what the program emphasises.

We have always been the go-to solution providers for so many of our members. The program is an excellent fit for the private sector, right through to local council, not for profits and the public sector.”

The ProcureRight program is now open for current Procurement Australasia members.


For further information, contact:

Joe Arena, Chief Executive Officer, Procurement Australasia

Ph: (03) 9810 8600


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