Procurement Australia partners with building compliance and combustible cladding experts

Published on March 29, 2022
Procurement Australia partners with building compliance and combustible cladding experts


28 March 2022


Procurement Australia partners with building compliance and combustible cladding experts

Procurement Australia has joined forces with combustible cladding experts Adams & Associates in an effort to improve building safety and help to prevent devastating fires in commercial and residential spaces.

Procurement Australia’s Advisory Services will work directly with Adams & Associates to provide an end-to-end service for businesses and organisations looking to detect and remove potentially catastrophic combustible cladding from their buildings.

The presence of non-compliant materials, such as combustible cladding in Australian buildings and jurisdictions poses numerous risks for building owners and operators. Without the right intervention, the highly flammable cladding poses a fire risk, exposing the safety and wellbeing of residents, employees and building owners alike.

By partnering with Adams & Associates, Procurement Australia members can take advantage of a full service offering that will help members to review their structures, have assistance to source professional engineering and design consultants and qualified trades to undertake necessary remediation, and obtain up-to-date compliance and safety certification from statutory authorities

Joe Arena, CEO of Procurement Australia said, “the partnership with Adams & Associates will help members to address this building issue head-on. The fires in Melbourne and overseas were a wake-up call for everyone. Building owners and managers are now required to promptly do everything necessary to address aluminium composite or expanded polystyrene (ACP and EPS) panels – but this takes time and resources, and it can be very costly.

The administrative headaches and confusing regulations associated with the removal of cladding have also presented numerous roadblocks for our members in the past. We want our members to feel empowered to tackle this issue directly and be safe in the knowledge that the structures they’re responsible for are free from this highly dangerous material.

Through our partnership with Adams & Associates, our members can better detect and address instances of combustible cladding before disaster strikes.”

“The partnership is also a welcome alliance for Adams & Associates” said Managing Director, Michael Adams. “We’re proud to partner with Procurement Australia to help more Australian businesses and organisations to provide safe and compliant combustible cladding solutions.

Unfortunately, combustible cladding is spread throughout all types of buildings around Australia. Even more frustrating, an issue with cladding can also mean other instances are identified of non-compliance in a building including structural failure, inadequate fire proofing, concrete cancer and waterproofing problems.

Through our partnership with Procurement Australia, our aim is to help as many affected members as possible to know the extent of their cladding risk and take action to protect themselves and those under their care.”

Procurement Australia Advisory is ready to assist our members to uncover and assess instances of both combustible cladding issues and other regulatory building non-compliance issues.



For further information, contact:

Joe Arena, Chief Executive Officer, Procurement Australia

Ph: (03) 9810 8600


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