Sunday, 21 April 2024
    Agreement reached on fundraising law reform

    Agreement reached on fundraising law reform

    Charities have long told their governments that they are wasting time complying with inconsistent and outdated fundraising rules across the states and territories. On one estimate, compliance requirements cost Australian charities more than $1 million per month, Mirage News reports.

    In their most recent meeting, the Commonwealth, state and territory Treasurers agreed to a set of nationally consistent fundraising principles to streamline and harmonise state and territory requirements on charitable fundraiser conduct.

    The principles, developed by a Working Group comprising of all states and territories, was informed by stakeholder consultation last year. The principles will give charities and donors a clear understanding of appropriate conduct, while allowing for greater flexibility as to how charities achieve compliance. Regulatory guidance to support the principles will also be developed in collaboration with the charitable fundraising sector.

    Each participating jurisdiction will release an implementation plan by July 2023 explaining how it will give effect to the principles through regulatory changes or legislation.

    Nationally consistent fundraising regulation has been recommended by several reviews over the past decade, including the 2020 Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements formed in response to the extreme bushfire season of 2019‑20. 


    Agreement reached on reform of charitable fundraising laws (Mirage News)


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