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    Centenary for The Smith Family

    Centenary for The Smith Family

    "On Christmas Eve in 1922, as parents around the country were wrapping presents and stuffing turkeys, a bunch of men arrived at Carlingford Home for Boys," said Minister of Education, Jason Clare.

    "Not three wise men, but pretty close.

    "Five businessmen. Bearing gifts. Books, toys and treats.

    "They wanted to remain anonymous. They told the Matron at the Home their name was Smith: “We’re all Smiths”.

    "And so The Smith Family was born.

    "That was a hundred years ago in a few weeks’ time.

    "We were a very different country back then.

    "Just after the horror of the Great War and just before the misery of the Great Depression.

    "There was just over five million of us.

    "Billy Hughes was still Prime Minister and Henry Lawson had just been laid to rest.

    "There wasn’t much of a safety net.

    "Now let’s jump in the time machine and fast forward 50 years to 1972.

    "The Smith Family is helping people right across in the country.

    "An organisation that has always understood that education is the most powerful cause for good.

    "That it is the real change agent in our society.

    "The great equaliser in an unequal world.

    "If those five wise businessmen could jump in a time machine and just see what you have done they would be so proud.

    "Thank you for the last 100 years and for every year to come."


    The Smith Family 100th Anniversary (Jason Clare)

    The Smith Family