Through our partnership with Bunnings Trade, we deliver the lowest possible pricing to our members on the widest range of products, catering to diverse procurement needs. No matter where members are located across Australia, our members-only Bunnings Trade PowerPass provides unbeatable access to a range of trusted products and trade services.

With the inbuilt advantages of exclusive pricing, complete trade assistance, reliable customer service, speedy Click & Collect times, and stores conveniently placed all around the country, we’re helping members supercharge their procurement purchasing from coast to coast.

Remote services benefits of our Bunnings Trade partnership

Our partnership with Bunnings helps members source ideal products to match their procurement needs, no matter what they are or where they’re located.

We’ve specifically designed our Hardware, Electrical, Plumbing & Compressed Gases contract to serve all our members. Whether they’re deep in the Queensland hinterland, out bush in Western Australia, or by the wild Southern Ocean fronts of South Australia – and anywhere in between.

We know how important accuracy and reliability is to our valued regional members. With the introduction of the Bunnings PowerPass App, members can access the full catalogue and customer support in real-time. When paired with four-hour Click & Collect capability, it’s even easier for Procuremnet Australia members in every corner of Australia to rely on Bunnings Trade PowerPass to fulfil their procurement requirements correctly and on-time.

When members opt in as part of our our 2504/1032 Hardware, Electrical, Plumbing & Compressed Gases contract , they unlock a range of benefits:

When you join our 2504/1032 Hardware, Electrical, Plumbing & Compressed Gases contract, and you opt-in with Bunnings Trade, you gain access to more than a store. Bunnings Trade provides members with access to a full service one-stop shop, including Supply and Install Services, Frame and Truss supply, and Building Solutions Studios, along with access to trade specialists, convenient delivery options, load and go service, and much more.

To get the most out of our Hardware, Electrical, Plumbing & Compressed Gases contract and  Bunnings Trade PowerPass, speak to a relationship manager about signing up today. 

How to activate your Bunnings Trade PowerPass

Activating your members-only Bunnings PowerPass is quick and easy.

StepStep 1-1 Apply for Bunnings Trade PowerPass

If you don't have an existing Bunnings Trade PowerPass, you can apply for one in minutes.

Already have a Bunnings Trade PowerPass account? Skip straight to Step 2.

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StepStep 2-1 Opt into Procurement Australia’s partnership with Bunnings Trade

Once you have your PowerPass account, contact a Procurement Australia representative to opt in to our members-only contract. 

Our Partnership with Bunnings Trade grants you access to exclusive pricing on everyday and special-order products, along with tailored customer service and easier invoicing. 

What our members are saying

“Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) have always worked closely with the team at Procurement Australia to provide schools with relevant supply categories at highly competitive prices.Access to Bunnings hardware and tools is essential to proper building, fasciitis and property management. With Bunnings PowerPass, schools have access to exclusive pricing arrangements covering a wide-ranging basket of products. Discounted pricing is automatically loaded to school accounts, making it easy to switch to discounted structures."

Talk to Procurement Australia about the Bunnings Trade PowerPass and how you can opt-in:

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