Procurement Australia's Victorian Power Purchase Agreement

Procurement Australia’s historic Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in Victoria saw 14 members sign a 10-year deal with Alinta Energy to secure renewable energy to assist them with their sustainability agendas, both now and in the future. 
Thanks to the contract between Procurement Australia, its members and Alinta Energy, the PPA allows for these councils, authorities and those they serve to feel secure and confident that their individual energy requirements have been heard, and are being met. 
This agreement is testament to the capability of our Strategic Sourcing team, and is representative of the confidence our members have in our ability to remove unnecessary complexity around a complex product, while still maintaining the quality and assurance of the solution. 

How our VIC PPA works

The PPA is a Victorian-based agreement. Procurement Australasia members who signed on to this PPA can set their renewable energy targets and energy strategy that works for them and have this delivered by Alinta Energy, at a long-term competitive rate.

The level of voluntary Large Scale Generation Certificates sourced by each member via this PPA is at the discretion of each member to cater for their individual renewable energy requirements which is a major positive and value add provided by both Procurement Australasia and Alinta Energy. 

This agreement is representative of the confidence our members have in Procurement Australasia to remove unnecessary complexity around a complex product while still maintaining the quality and assurance of the solution.

About the Bald Hills Wind Farm

Under the PPA agreements, the Bald Hills Wind Farm in Gippsland, an accredited GreenPower generator, will supply large-scale generation certificates to meet the specific renewable energy requirements of each signatory. 

This PPA also builds on the National GreenPower Accreditation Program, which provides assurance for electricity customers that their voluntary commitments are matched with renewable energy that is added to the grid on their behalf. 

Recognising the pioneers of our first PPA

On April 20th 2021, Procurement Australia facilitated an event at the Bald Hills Wind Farm to acknowledge all 14 founding organisations on our first Power Purchase Agreement. The event was invite only consisting of the founding organisations, Procurement Australia staff, representatives from SavvyPlus Consulting and Alinta Energy. 

During the event, attendees witnessed the wind turbines in action and had the opportunity to speak to Lindsay, the owner of the land, Infrastructure representatives and Glenn, the site asset manager. The event provided the perfect opportunity for members to personally connect with how their energy is being generated and managed.

Which councils and authorities have signed on?

These PPA agreements are a historic achievement: We believe it is the largest, cross-council PPA with this many participants.


What are the benefits?

From the beginning, this PPA wasn’t just focused on delivering surface level ‘green’ solutions. Procurement Australia and Alinta Energy have worked to achieve a PPA that delivers the stated renewable commitments in a way that is clear, consistent and transparent for our members. 

This PPA will deliver:

The individual renewable energy requirements of each participant
NSW PPA Landing Page - ppa illustrations (1)
Price certainty in both power and LGC costs across the life of the PPA
Elimination of power and LGC price volatility
Generous load flex and load roll in allowances and portfolio level protection

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