Uplift your Information Technology ecosystem

Navigating the complex Information Technology (IT) landscape can be overwhelming for any organisation, school or workplace.

In a marketplace overrun with IT solutions and packages, it is imperative to choose the right hardware and software mix to match your office technology needs.

With our expertise and experience delivering IT solutions from computers and IT accessories to software and audio visual, the guesswork is removed from your decision-making and invoicing.

Combining products from sought-after technology brands, including Apple, Google and Microsoft, alongside essential software by leading developers, we’ve made it easier for members and their communities to transform their IT ecosystem.

With access to major brands at competitive prices, you can count on our IT Solution to quickly and efficiently meet all your IT needs.

We get IT Solutions

At Procurement Australia, we understand that IT solutions can become confusing with a lot of unnecessary technical language and sales spin.

Our team will work with you to recommend the best solution mix for you with none of the jargon and all of the savings.

By partnering with trusted brands in the IT space to source the best hardware, software and office equipment solutions, our IT Solutions cut through the noise to get the right solution for your workplace, organisation or school environment.

Our Solutions

Business Computers

We work with you to select and bundle the right business computers to match your organisation’s needs and capacity. A computer procurement expert will help to shortlist the right computer hardware from a huge range of brands including HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer and more.

Apple for Education

Apple computing systems offer enhanced learning outcomes for your students. When you work with an Apple procurement expert at Procurement Australia, we’ll guide you through Apple's extensive range of devices including iMac, MacBook and Ipads, and education-specific applications such as iMovie, iBooks, Pages, Numbers, Garage Band and Keynote.

PC for Education

We use our technical expertise and industry knowledge to select the right PC products and accessories to enhance your school’s classroom experience. We’ll tailor a PC selection from outstanding brands including HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer and more to elevate your students' learning to new heights.

IT Accessories

Choosing compatible IT accessories to match your chosen hardware is essential to help your team get the most out of their devices and IT environment. From keyboards, cables and monitors to bags, cases and much more, we’ll help you select the right IT accessories and products from our wide range.

Audio Visual

With thousands of Audio Visual options available, selecting fit-right devices throughout your organisation can be a challenge. Our team can save you valuable time and money by ensuring that all your devices work seamlessly together.

Security Software

The right cybersecurity solution could save your business invaluable time and money. With ESET, you can rest assured that you are getting first-class security protection against virus and malware threats.

All your IT needs met quickly and easily

Our IT Solutions are designed to help solve your IT needs quickly and efficiently.

By engaging an IT procurement expert, the hard work is done for you. Instead of rushing between vendors, negotiating price points and sifting through thousands of options, you can relax knowing that we are working with our trusted partners to get you the best possible deal and solution.

When you join our IT solution, you can expect:

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