All your workplace supplies in one place

Published on August 29, 2023
All your workplace supplies in one place

At Procurement Australia, we're passionate about supporting our hardworking not-for-profit, health and care members to accomplish their best work consistently.

With out new workplace supplies contract with Winc, we source everything your workplace needs to run smoothly.

Featuring unbeatable pricing from trusted suppliers, streamlined ordering, and tailored support to help you select the right products from our expanded range, keeping everyone in your workplace happy has never been easier.

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We get workplace supplies

Finding the right workplace supplies at the lowest possible price is a time-consuming process, especially if you have a limited budget and resources.

We've designed our unique solution structure with our not-for-profit members in mind.

With a pricing and supply structure that works harder for you, you can count on impressive cost margins on everyday essentials, all while reducing your workplace's environmental footprint.

Our updated workplace supplies contract with Winc is here to provide members with everything they need, from copy paper to kitchen supplies and everything in between.


Benefits of our workplace supplies solution

Our not-for-profit members have access to:

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