New Contract: 2312/0618 Recruitment, Training & Associated Services

Published on April 23, 2020
New Contract: 2312/0618 Recruitment, Training & Associated Services

Please be advised that the tender process for this contract has been initiated.

It will replace 1912-0618 Recruitment, Training & Associated Services and 1912-0627 Managed Services Program & Vendor Management System for Contingent Labour Requirements which expire on 31 December 2020.

Industry Briefing

Procurement Australia will convene a briefing to advise the industry on the RFT event, on how to participate, on the tender’s timetable, and category composition and like subjects.

This will be advertised in the tenders’ section of major newspapers in Melbourne and Sydney in late May. Members are encouraged to advise their Suppliers to attend the briefing.

The briefing is scheduled for the following date:

Supplier briefing (webinar) 10 June 2020

Next steps:

Please complete the below, tender expression of interest letter and return it to your Procurement Australia Relationship Manager.

For more information and how this contract can benefit your organisation, please contact us to speak to a representative, today.

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