Procurement Australia is proud to announce our two new Foodservice partners – Simple Food Safety Management and Food Solutions Diet Consultants

Simple Food Safety Management

Procurement Australia partners with Simple Food Safety Management Software to provide organisations with a faster, better and smarter way to achieve food safety compliance. Get your chefs and cooks back in the kitchen doing what they love and not wasting time managing paperwork.

  • Reduce the regulators audit time by at least 60%.
  • Removes the need to write food safety times, temperatures and other criteria onto paper forms.
  • Food handlers can digitally enter their information into the Simple software which will automatically date and time stamp the entry with the option of a corrective action in case a user puts in a wrong entry.
  • Year-round support including training around auditing, personalised food safety consultancy, developing food safety programs and recommending dietary requirements.
  • Personalised onsite and offsite food safety review and training

Food Solutions Diet Consultants

Food Solutions Diet Consultants is dedicated to providing quality health services to Residential Aged Care facilities throughout Australia. Its team of accredited dieticians and speech pathologists provide numerous services as part of their program: 



Individualised dietetic and dysphagia assessments with a person-centred care approach.


An extensive range of education and training programs including the new IDDSI standards and online courses.


Supporting aged care residences to improve their dining experience as well as dementia specific mealtime management.


Menu reviews and assistance with implementing a food first approach.


Nutrition and dysphagia policy development and review

Why Buy with Procurement Australia

  • The industry knowledge of the two partners combined with a personalised customer service experience will act as a catalyst for Procurement Australia members to develop the best practices with regards to food safety and diet planning. These consultancy services are provided to Procurement Australia clients at preferred-member rates.
  • Be supported by excellent service from the Procurement Australia team, who are passionate about supporting your organisation and the We exist solely for our Members, and procurement for organisations like yours is all we do.

The partner that help us deliver this solution is:

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