Health Insurance

Your health, and the health of all staff and volunteers, has a direct impact on the ability to perform.
Procurement Australia has partnered with Medibank to bring your organisation a corporate discount*.

Medibank has designed a corporate cover to make it simpler to use your extras to stay healthy. Benefits include an ongoing 5% discount*, use extras how you want, and claim at any recognised provider.

* Discount applies to the premium of your selected cover, and only apply with this arrangement with  Medibank.
Note: Waiting periods apply including 12 months for pre-existing conditions.

  • Enhanced service through a dedicated team within Medibank to look after our Members
  • Attract, recruit and keep employees with added benefits for your staff
  • Regular incentives to support your staff uptake
  • Do the best you can by your staff and support them to prioritise their health

Our promise to you


Medibank has a simple range of hospital and extras covers making it easy for you or your staff to choose what's right


Regardless of your organisations' size, you or your staff can take advantage of the same corporate discount*


Flexibility for you or staff to mix and match, choose the combination that best suits individual needs, lifestyle and budget 


Greater control over who treats, where treated, and above all how soon 


Greater value through access to Medibank's Members' Choice network, covering most private hospitals and a wide range of extras

The partner that helps us deliver this solution is:


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