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Procurement Australia proudly serves a diverse and wide member base. Our members span from the not-for-profit space through to commercial business and local government. Through our direct work with members, we’ve discovered that many are contending with similar issues: they’re short on time, resources and the procurement expertise needed to manage large or competing strategic projects.  

That’s where our Advisory Services team comes in. We’ve designed our Advisory Services to help our members to achieve their priorities and facilitate necessary change with ease. Whether it be an on-the-ground expert resource for a short-term project, stakeholder management at critical junctures, or workshop facilitation for pivotal tenders, we’re here to help manage anything that requires a strong procurement presence.  

With the right procurement and management partners by your side, you can facilitate each strategic decision and transition smoothly and efficiently. All our Advisory Services are tailored according to your needs, timeframes and resource requirements. Contact the team directly to find out how we can help. 

About Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services provide our members with in-depth research, expert knowledge, informed recommendations and sound advice. Using our extensive knowledge of bespoke procurement, insurance and the building industry, we assist our members to manage and execute strategic actions that lead to lasting change, improved performance, and a more robust bottom line.

Through the great relationships we’ve built with suppliers, industry leaders and partner consultants around Australia, we are helping members to:

Comprehensive Building Code Compliance Services & Advice
Collaborative Procurement Box With Arrow

Supporting Health & Aged Care organisations

Qualitative framework

We help health and aged care organisations decide where to start with a qualitative framework.

ISO accredited tendering

We conduct ISO accredited end-to-end tendering processes.

Effective category management

We set effective category management and operational procedures in place to support your procurement teams.

Training and assessment

We deliver standard and customised training courses and provide sustainable procurement assessments and strategies.

Procurement policies and control

We design procurement policies and controls for compliance and risk management.

Best practice procurement models

We recommend the most effective procurement model inline with current best practice.

Flexible contracting

We provide a flexible contracting solution.

Tail spend exercises

We conduct tail spend exercises and P2P process improvements.

Supporting Health and Aged Care Organisations

How we're helping our clients

  • We analyse spending patterns, identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to maximise efficiency and minimise costs.
  • We conduct audits, review process and operational documents such as sustainability, modern slavery, and ES&G.
  • We evaluate current procurement frameworks and processes against industry best practices.



Improve procurement efficiency and effectiveness.


Enhance risk management and transparency.


Streamline data management and reporting.


Augment your procurement team's capabilities.

Procurement Australia Advisory Services can support your organisation to explore collaborative and aggregated contracts for better commercial outcomes and can act as an extension of your Procurement Team to help you achieve your procurement goals.

Collaborative procurement: better outcomes for everyone

Section 109 of The Local Government Act 2020 sets out the procurement requirements for local government entities, which includes a sub-item requiring Councils to seek collaboration with other Councils and public bodies in the Procurement of goods or services and to demonstrate that requirement in their planning process.

An attractive benefit of Collaborative Procurement is the savings it can produce, easing the strain on public sector budgets and/or the need to make public money extend as far as possible.


By bringing together budgets from multiple organisations to approach the market with an aggregate requirement, members can have more buying and negotiating power and secure a better deal.


Procurement Australia is here to support our members with our Collaborative Procurement solution and can help develop or broaden Procurement Plans, connect members with our extensive supplier list, and assess current projects to identify avenues for collaboration.


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