A New Era of Community Electricity Networks

Published on February 24, 2020
A New Era of Community Electricity Networks

Community Electricity Networks (CEN) provide the ability for a new or existing multi-tenanted property to utilise the buying power of the CEN provider to aggregate all the electricity of the common areas, individual tenancies and property through a smart common parent meter, to deliver the most transparent and competitive rate and reduce their electricity costs, for life*.

Church Resources partners with b.energy to build closer communities through advanced Community Electricity Networks.

How are Church Resources’ Community Electricity Networks (CEN) from b.energy transforming the Utilities industry today?

  1. Better Savings for Closer Communities

Community Electricity Networks offer least-cost electricity to achieve more savings and a better experience in your multi-tenanted facility, with no risk, no premium or capital upfront. Customers have the ‘Power of Choice’ to leave at any time without penalty. The CEN accurately bills each individual connection point, common areas and property, and can remotely activate or terminate the electrical service for a customer that is moving, and detect possible inefficiencies and outages. With more savings, personalised service and support that is making significant impact on the customer experience, it’s a better outcome for everybody.  

2. Smart Meters for Optimal Efficiency

Traditional meters are being replaced by “Smart” meters that monitor energy consumption in real time to supply the demand in the most efficient, sustainable and economical way. By transitioning to tailored, smart meter infrastructure with a Church Resources Community Electricity Network from b.energy and aggregating all the electricity usage of the property, you are secured the lowest electricity industry rate with transparent, accurate billing and seamless management for the facility.

3. Renewables for a Sustainable Footprint

A Community Electricity Network (CEN) allows the ability to utilise renewable sources and provide more sustainability, with no premium, as well as bringing closer connectivity to better monitor daily usage and costs with smart app, phone and web communications for more control and transparency.

4. Tailor fit to any property

b.energy seeks to understand the unique needs of your facility and then tailors a solution that fits. After all, one size does not fit all. Providing smart meters, renewable energy, and closer connectivity with outstanding support we can transform communities.

Church Resources Community Electricity Networks from b.energy deliver least cost services that are safe, smart and sustainable. 

*Least cost retail electricity offers refer to b.energy’s transparent mark to market retail electricity discounts to comparable 2-3 person residential time of use and single rate comparative retail market offers and renewable sources refer to accredited renewable electricity generation and energy storage system offers at the date of proposal.

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