Community Electricity Networks – Secure and Sustainable

Published on February 24, 2020
Community Electricity Networks – Secure and Sustainable

Church Resources is pleased to partner with to build closer communities and connectivity through advanced Community Electricity Networks. Together, for our members, we can deliver greater electricity savings and benefits that empower your community.

Why is a Church Resources Community Electricity Network 

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  • Enjoy more savings with least cost electricity for life, through annually reviewed rates that remain ‘mark to market’.*
  • Transition to tailored, smart meter infrastructure that aggregates all the electricity usage of the common areas, individual tenancies and property to achieve the lowest electricity rate and provide accurate billing and seamless management for the complex.

  • Provide renewable energy for a sustainable footprint without any premium, as well as bring closer connectivity and efficiency with smarter services and communications for the community.

  • is an industry leader providing Community Electricity Networks for both smart meters and smart energy management that will help our members benefit significantly.

If your organisation has a multi-tenanted facility, talk to us today about partnering with a Church Resources Community Electricity Network with
*Least cost retail electricity offers refer to’s transparent mark to market retail electricity discounts to comparable 2-3 person residential time of use and single rate comparative retail market offers and renewable sources refer to accredited renewable electricity generation and energy storage system offers at the date of proposal.
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