Award of Contract: 2510/0513 - Mobile Bins

Published on September 26, 2023
Award of Contract: 2510/0513 - Mobile Bins

The evaluation phase of 2510/0513 - Mobile Bins tender has concluded.

This contract replaces 2110/0503 - Mobile Bins and commences on 1st November 2023 for 2 years (expiring on 31st October 2025) with the option to extend for two (2) x 12 month periods.

The categories included are:


Category 1

Two and four wheeled bins, in a range of sizes, multi-sort bins, RFID technology and bin spare parts

Category 2

Compostable bags including caddy liners and dog waste bags

Next Steps:

To access this contract please complete the contract opt-in process via Procurement Gateway: 

Contracts have been awarded to suppliers in the downloadable flyer below:

2510/0513 - Mobile Bins Award of Contract Member Flyer

“Please note that suppliers listed in this blog were the approved suppliers at the time of contract award or extension. It is suggested that members refer to the Catdoc for more up to date information”

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