Elevate your school’s learning outcomes

The way we work, learn and connect with one another has fundamentally changed. One sector most affected by this recent shift to a more digitally-driven world is education.

With online learning increasingly becoming the norm, the associated hardware, software and technological connectivity required to deliver quality and targeted education is changing rapidly.

Schools and teachers need to be able to keep pace to see students excel. But staying on top of the latest technology requirements and advances can be overwhelming, and it’s the last thing teachers have time or resources to dedicate to.

Fortunately, we have the technical expertise and industry relationships to alleviate much of the pain associated with staying on top of your school’s classroom technology requirements.

 We can handle all your backend research, supplier negotiations and vendor communication, ensuring your school is always equipped and your students stay ahead.

We get classroom technology

At Procurement Australia, we believe in the power of education to elevate students to new heights. We also understand that schools and teachers are under increasing pressure to deliver impactful and tailored education in an increasingly digital world.

Students’ learning needs are becoming more diverse, learning outcomes are becoming more layered, and the information and communication technology designed to address learning providers’ needs is ever-changing.

 We’re here to deliver fit-for-purpose hardware and end-to-end technology solutions to suit all your classroom IT needs, including:

  • Audio visual technology and digital signage
  • Multifunctional school-wide printing solutions
  • Laptop, desktop and tablet computers for every school ecosystem
  • MDM & software for improved mass device and data management

Audio visual technology and digital signage


Multifunctional school-wide printing solutions


MDM & software for improved mass device and data management 


Conduct on-site assessments to provide the most comprehensive advice

Let us do the hard work to meet all your school technology requirements.

Benefits of our end-to-end technology requirements.

We’re committed to providing every education member with a tailored solution that addresses members’ end-to-end education computer solutions, from hardware to software.

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