Assistance with Foodservices During the Pandemic- Volume 3

Published on July 10, 2020
Assistance with Foodservices During the Pandemic- Volume 3

The Coronavirus (COVID 19) Pandemic has caused a lot of changes to our daily work and social lives. One thing that has kept constant is the importance of a well-balanced, nutritious diet for all ages. 

To assist our members from different sectors, Procurement Australasia’s Foodservice Ambassador, Dr Karen Abbey, will be sharing tips, recipes and developments in the food services industry. Watch this space for regular updates!

Health/Aged Care sector:

How to Incorporate Milk – Mousse Cones and Banana Milk Shake Recipes

Milk is an easy food to use, both as a drink and solid meal. Adding milk to your aged care menu is an important way to deliver two key nutrients essential for good health for the elderly- protein and calcium. Here are two quick and easy recipes to incorporate milk into your menu plan.

Education sector:

Stronger Bones for Growing Bodies

Consider your bones like a bank, the more calcium deposited into your body, the longer your bones will stay strong throughout your lifetime. In other words, building strong bones should start as soon as we are born, with continued calcium intake during school ages. 

Featured Supplier:

Lion Foodservices

Procurement Australasia partners with Lion Foodservices to provide our members with access to a range of products to support both dairy and fruit intake. Almost everything made by Lion comes from Australian farms, and the reach of their brands means they play a direct role in improving the choices and health of Australian families and those in care.

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