The Benefits of Working From Home

Published on April 09, 2020
The Benefits of Working From Home

The COVID-19 emergency is forcing shifts in the way people work at a global scale. Flexible working has become the new necessary.

Together with our strategic partner WINC, we’d like to share our vision of how remote working and flexibility are not only beneficial in the present but will continue to provide new opportunities and add value to your business for the future.

The benefits of working from home

Benefit #1: Increasing employee productivity

Defining a flexibility policy in your workplace enables individual working styles, increases employee engagement, improves employee performance and achieves higher profits for your business1.

Benefit #2: Cultivating innovation and expanding possibility

A Future of Work Report found that, “as work becomes more sophisticated, more geographically distributed, and more technology-dependent, the importance of virtual teams will increase rapidly.”2 By enabling flexibility, you support the modern shift to untethered ways of working.

Benefit #3: Improving mental health and work-life balance

Giving employees choice in the way they work, such as shifted start and finish times and remote working, increases employee control, thus improving employee happiness and mental health3.

Benefit #4: Attracting new talent and staff retention

Flexible working could also increase retention in male employees by 25% and female employees by 40%4. Offering flexibility can increase your business’ appeal to potential future employees and be a contributing factor for current employees to stay.

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