New Contract: 2506/0641 – Retail Energy

Published on April 09, 2021
New Contract: 2506/0641 – Retail Energy

Procurement Australia is conducting a request for tender event (2506/0641 – Retail Energy) to establish new energy supply arrangements.  This replaces the current fixed price fixed term energy contracts (2206/0638 – Retail Energy and 2206/0640 – Retail Energy) in place that are scheduled to expire on 30 June 2022 or 30 June 2023 depending on individual member’s previous contract duration selected. 

This new tender & resultant contract will provide fixed price energy solutions for up to a maximum term of June 30 2025 in the following energy categories:

  • Electricity – Large & Small Market
  • Natural Gas – Large & Small Market
  • Public Lighting
  • Contestable Large Generation Certificates (LGC’s)
  • Solar Feed In Tariffs

As an enhancement to this tender, and to assist Member organisations to achieve their broader renewable energy and sustainability objectives, our intention also via this tender is:

  • To seek from the market both mandatory and voluntary level Large Generation Certificates (LGCs) that are provided by one cited renewable generating asset in each state.
  • Retailer flexibility that allows members an LGC contracting arrangement whereby individual members can elect post tender to purchase voluntary level LGCs to a level determined by each member’s renewable energy requirements should any member wish to purchase voluntary level LGCs.

This tender will be managed via our robust accredited procurement process that meets the requirements of Local Government and the broader public sector and is both ISO 9001-2015 and CIPS certified. 

Procurement Australia is proud to be one of the largest aggregators of energy in Australia with over 200 organisations nationally represented with over 11,000 sites on our energy contracts.  We invite our members to benefit from the aggregated buying power available to you.

Members not currently using the current Procurement Australia energy contract and who have a commencement date requirement from October 2021 can be accommodated in this tender and are encouraged to participate.


The Broad tender timetable is:

Pre-tender member briefing  29 April
Member written commitment deadline  16 June
Tender Period and Evaluation July – August
Evaluation and Impact Statements available 3 September
Post Tender Member briefing 9 September

Members are required to execute retailer contracts post tender and within a defined time period.

Member Flexibility:

  • Flexibility for members to select their contract duration – 2 or 3 years depending on your current contract expiry dates.
  • Flexibility for members to participate in any one or any combination of the above-mentioned energy categories.

Member commitment procedure:

  • The tender is a committed volume event, not a standing offer, thus written firm commitment to participate in the tender and resultant contract is required of each member.
  • Proforma commitment letter provided by Procurement Australia is required to be supplied to us:
    • Cut & paste on your letterhead and return to Procurement Australia by the member commitment closing date.
    • Nominate the energy categories and contract duration preferences your organisation is selecting to participate in for this tender.
  • Finalise site lists prior to tender.


Next steps:

For more information and how this contract can benefit your organisation, please contact your Procurement Australasia Relationship Manager

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