Good procurement requires effective practices that improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance overall customer experience. While some businesses rely on internal procurement measures to secure the best price on goods and services, others understand there is another way to achieve this important goal, all while reducing risk and increasing rewards. 


Joining an Australia-wide procurement network, such as one through Procurement Australia, can be an excellent way to:


  • Access hundreds of everyday and innovative products and
    services through one streamline process
  • Reduce risk and improve internal procurement processes
  • Save precious time and money.

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your deadlines and deliver exceptional outcomes.

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About Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services provide our members with in-depth research, expert knowledge, informed recommendations and sound advice. Using our extensive knowledge of bespoke procurement, insurance and the building industry, we assist our members to manage and execute strategic actions that lead to lasting change, improved performance, and a more robust bottom line.


Through the great relationships we’ve built with suppliers, industry leaders and partner consultants around Australia, we are helping members to:

Comprehensive Building Code Compliance Services & Advice
Collaborative Procurement Box With Arrow

Collaborative procurement: better outcomes for everyone

Section 109 of The Local Government Act 2020 sets out the procurement requirements for local government entities, which includes a sub-item requiring Councils to seek collaboration with other Councils and public bodies in the Procurement of goods or services and to demonstrate that requirement in their planning process.

An attractive benefit of Collaborative Procurement is the savings it can produce, easing the strain on public sector budgets and/or the need to make public money extend as far as possible.


By bringing together budgets from multiple organisations to approach the market with an aggregate requirement, members can have more buying and negotiating power and secure a better deal.


Procurement Australia is here to support our members with our Collaborative Procurement solution and can help develop or broaden Procurement Plans, connect members with our extensive supplier list, and assess current projects to identify avenues for collaboration.


Reach out today to get started.


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ProcureRight is an end-to-end approach to procurement strategy that works to get you exactly what you need, when you need it; be it common or highly specialised products, services or advisory consulting requirements across procurement and supply chain.Through our unique ProcureRight process, we’ll work with you every step of the way to get intricate projects over the line.


With ProcureRight you can expect:

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Procurement Australia’s expanding Power Purchase Agreement portfolio

Procurement Australia is committed to securing sustainable energy outcomes for all our members, both now and in the future. As one of the largest aggregators in Australia, we’re proud to be renowned for our ability to find the answers to difficult procurement questions and requirements.


This dedication and depth of market understanding has been demonstrated in Victoria through a mutually beneficial energy contract between Procurement Australia and Alinta Energy. The 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Alinta Energy allows participating members to secure renewable energy to assist them with their sustainability agendas and individual renewable energy requirements.

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Procurement Australia's Library Collections, Furniture, Equipment and Associated Requirements Contract

Procurement Australia Can Assist With All Your Library Collections, Furniture, Equipment & Associated Requirements. We have everything you need to help you set up a public library, learning centre or office. Our Library Collections, Furniture, Equipment and Associated Requirements contract offer a range of solutions so you can get all your library needs in one place.


From library management systems to books, magazines, different learning modes and much more, our experienced team are here to provide expert advice to make sure you get it!


Procurement Australia can assist with all your Mobile Bin requirements

Our Mobile Bins Contract allows for flexibility in range and cost savings for our members to ensure that they have the best aggerated pricing. Procurement Australia’s approved panel of suppliers can provide our members two or four-wheeled bins in a range of sizes, helping to meet their organisational requirements. We’re proud to work with a panel of suppliers that focus on sustainability. All suppliers on our Mobile Bins Contract are committed to continuously improving their waste and recycling programs.

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OneCard - A fuel card that puts fleet owners in the driver's seat

Procurement Australia has partnered with Fleet Card®, one of Australia’s leading fuel card providers to bring you OneCard.


OneCard offers the freedom to fill up at 90% of fuel stations, saving you time and putting you in control.

Our OneCard solution gives our Council members convenience with acceptance at over 90% of fuel stations nationally & one monthly invoice, saving council members up to 20 to 30% as it is accepted at 90% of fuel sites across Australia a large council customer has stated:


1. STREAMLINE - One monthly consolidated tax invoice to simplify your accounting.

2. SAVINGS - Everyday fuel savings from our nation-wide network of fuel sites & non-fuel    partners

3. ACCEPTANCE - accepted at over 90% of service stations nationwide

4. CONTROL- Total vehicle expense control through product restrictions and the ability to monitor spend

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Procurement Australia can assist with all your Hardware, Electrical, Plumbing & Compressed Gases

Our Hardware, Electrical, Plumbing & Compressed Gases contract provides our members with access to thousands of products. As well recognised leaders within their industry, our qualified panel of suppliers can assist members no matter where they’re located, or how small or big the project is with their technical and subject matter expertise.


As well recognised leaders within their industry, our qualified panel of suppliers can assist members no matter where they’re located, or how small or big the project is with their technical and subject matter expertise


Procurement Australia can assist with all your Road Signs & Lighting, Grates, Covers, and Associated Traffic Products requirements

Our Road Signs & Lighting, Grates, Covers and Associated Traffic Products contract offers a variety of categories for the benefit of our members, from road signs and work zone products, to lights and traffic calming devices. An approved panel of suppliers has been compiled to allow our members access to a competitive price which accurately represents the potential aggregation presented by this contract.

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Procurement Australia's National Category Document